Perfect for every Glovebox, Garage, Shed, Boat, Caravan, Camping Trip, Hiking...
the list goes on...
This convenient tube really can, and should, go everywhere with you!
We love to get our hands dirty! But when it came to getting them clean, there was never a natural hand cleaner grunty enough to clean those really dirty, smelly hands!

Well there is now! And it's called MagicMud - Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner.

MagicMud harnesses the forces of nature and uses a naturally formed mineral Soft Zeolite, which is found only in the thermal areas of the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Soft Zeolite has magic like properties, magnetically pulling contaminants away from the skin, while the fine grains help scrub and deodorises, leaving your hand feeling soft and smelling great.

Whether you have garden hands, fisher hands, handy hands, mum hands, kid hands or just hard working hands and you want to clean your dirty hands - MagicMud's the go!!!

MagicMud is 100% natural and is great for the car, truck, boat (yes, MagicMud is completely effective in both fresh and salt water), shed, kitchen, camp, caravan, bbq, garage, horse floats & much much more!


Phone (NZ): 0800 262 373
Outside NZ: +64 9 940 5933 
Between 8am - 6pm (NZ) 



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