100% Natural Menopause Symptom Management

Looking for a Natural, Safe and Effective product
to help ease symptoms of hormonal change? 
You've found it.

Amberen really works...
and it's backed by our
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Outside NZ: +64 9 940 5933
Email:  info@amberen.co.nz

With Amberen, if you're not completely satisfied with how it's working for you, just get in touch by phone or email and we will refund your purchase in full. 
No questions asked. 

Amberen is a proven remedy: 
- 100% Natural alternative to HRT
- For management of all symptoms 
- For all stages of Menopause & Perimenopause
- Hormonal changes following Hysterectomy

- 100% Money Back Guarantee

All your life, your body has been a source of pleasure, movement, strength and wellbeing.
Just because you're entering menopause, doesn't mean any of that has to change. 

Embrace the change, with Amberen. 

There's nothing cool about a Hot Flush. 
For all stages of Menopause - You can expect relief in just a few days. 

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How does Amberen work?

Amberen is a completely unique product that works with your body to monitor and regulate hormonal balance naturally. 
Rather than masking symptoms, having to take a different product each day for each symptom, Amberen works with the body to provide hormonal harmony, leaving you free from all symptoms. 

Directions: Take two capsules, one white and one orange, daily at breakfast time. It's that simple. Amberen is a daily supplement, and can be taken to help you remain free of the symptoms of all stages of Menopause.

Take Amberen for at least 90 days. 
After 90 days, if you wish, you can take a break from Amberen. You will expect to remain symptom free for a period of one to three months (sometimes more) without taking any tablets. 

Amberen works with your body to restore balance. This balance is natural and lasting. This is a unique benefit of the way in which Amberen works. As soon as any of the symptoms begin to return, just start taking Amberen again for another 90 days. 

What to expect: Every woman's results vary when it comes to symptom relief depending on stage and severity of each symptom. 

That said, when you begin taking Amberen you should expect to start seeing relief from symptoms within just a few days.

For fast action, and complete relief.

Hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness, lack of energy, and, yes, decreased libido. Studies and testimonials show that Amberen can provide an effective solution for common symptoms of menopause. Most women begin experiencing relief in just a few days.

Buying Amberen

All online orders of Amberen are backed by our 100% money back guarantee, are shipped by overnight courier within New Zealand, and by registered mail anywhere else in the world.
Amberen is also available at selected Health 2000 stores throughout New Zealand.

In addition to this, your local Pharmacy is able to order Amberen in for you from their preferred wholesaler. If you go to your nearest pharmacy or Health 2000 store and they do not have Amberen in stock they will be able to order it in for you.
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