Menopause Symptoms and Amberen

There’s nothing cool about a hot flush.

There are 35 recognised menopause symptoms. The most common - the dreaded hot flush. It strikes suddenly, spreading a rash of heat that races over your entire face and upper body. Some women experience up to 30 of these episodes each day. Other common symptoms include night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, irregular periods and weight gain. Separately, these symptoms are disruptive. Together, they're debilitating. 

For management of all Menopause symptoms:
Amberen is safe, natural and has a money back guarantee

You're not alone

Roughly 70% of all women between the ages of 40 and 55 experience menopause symptoms. Some are mild. Others can be utterly debilitating. Yet they all have one thing in common; they're triggered by a progressive drop in hormone levels.

​Take a step in the right direction with Amberen

Amberen offers new trust in menopause treatment because it's the only product that can help to naturally revive your body's hormone production capabilities. For the first time, you have the ability to restore your body's capacity to produce and regulate its own hormones. 

For many, Amberen is the ideal menopause solution because it is a safe and effective alternative to HRT. 

Amberen provides fundamental and complete management of menopause symptoms by reversing the age-related changes that trigger them. How? By restoring the function of the hypothalamus—the "master gland" that controls hormone release. Amberen also rejuvenates signal pathways between your tissues, ovaries, and hypothalamus. Meaning your body's communication lines now function the way they used to. 

Your hormonal balance becomes more youthful. You feel more energised. And soon, menopause symptoms begin to fade and your former self returns.


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